15 februari, 2015

AMBITIONS | strong need to do something new

''How are you? Well I don’t know. I’m a bit confused.’’ Today I talked with my granny about my too much ambitions. It’s terrible when you have them a lot and beautiful at the same time. Although I have a strong need to do something new, I always think that i’m going to fail. So I (almost) never start. Afraid to grow in patience. I’m for sure a creation of habit. There is a pattern in my daily life routine that I would like to change. I’m not the only one, I think. It would be so nice when your work is your passion and your passion is your work, so I was just wondering to start a little company. Not a real one. Just a idea that I have it, to continue to challenge myself.
My granny told me that I just have to finish my school and that is isn’t possible to do something different at the same time. She’s right and wrong. Of course I just have to finish my school, that is self-evident. But that it isn't possible? No, never ever. Where there's a will there's a way. < don’t know if it’s correctly english. So, yeah. I'm brainstorming how I can challenge myself in a great way.
How I can make my passion my work. One ingredient to make it possible, just start, even when you think you’re going to fail ' cause starting is never a fail.

06 februari, 2015

| HOME | home is the nicest word there is.

Home is the nicest word there is. Not only the nicest word but also the nicest place. Your home could be anywhere, only when your uniqueness is around you. The interior pieces are found at flea markets, thrift shops or at our overstuffed attic. Plaids of my grandma, the dressing table of my first attended auction, my pimped bed found by my mother on the roadside, splitted coconuts bought at a flea market, feathers found in the woods, vinyl-cover bought at a thrift shop, an old guitar of my mam found at our attic. ect.
These mixed pieces create my room. Mostly pieces with a story. I'm obsessed with them.
Keep your eyes open because they are everywhere! 

01 februari, 2015

| A NEW DIGITAL HOME | ambition

YEAH, A BRAND NEW START! I finally get my blog ambition back. I always had it, but never felt it so strong as now and there wasn't any time for blogging in my head. But at this point, I really want to share my photographs and thought in my space, my digital home.
I sucked in through crowds set with school, I lost my mind and I found it again on the way out. By uncertainty, I didn't dare to start with something new. Sounds bullshit. Last year I had to looking for an internship for my education, graphic design. On my bucketlist was written: 'living in Amsterdam' so it wasn't strange that my urge to seek an internship, was in Amsterdam. I found the most perfect internship for me on the internet. A combined internship with fashion, graphic design and photography, in one. So I send an email and one day later I received a mail back. If I could come along tomorrow. With my portfolio under my arm and a lot of nerves, I came at my future-internship, one day later. The same day, they approve me. I did something new, where I was actually afraid of. Living on my own for the first time in a big city was so amazing and empty at the same. Five months later, with a lot of experiences in my pocket, I'm really happy I did it. Right now, I'm writing this at the living room of my parents. Moving in again with my parents creates symptoms of withdrawal, haha. But on the other side it is nice to live at home again. I promise I show you some things what I did during my internship and of course so many new things 'cause my passion for imagination quickly grew/grows to obsession.
Therefore there is this digital home.