15 februari, 2015

AMBITIONS | strong need to do something new

''How are you? Well I don’t know. I’m a bit confused.’’ Today I talked with my granny about my too much ambitions. It’s terrible when you have them a lot and beautiful at the same time. Although I have a strong need to do something new, I always think that i’m going to fail. So I (almost) never start. Afraid to grow in patience. I’m for sure a creation of habit. There is a pattern in my daily life routine that I would like to change. I’m not the only one, I think. It would be so nice when your work is your passion and your passion is your work, so I was just wondering to start a little company. Not a real one. Just a idea that I have it, to continue to challenge myself.
My granny told me that I just have to finish my school and that is isn’t possible to do something different at the same time. She’s right and wrong. Of course I just have to finish my school, that is self-evident. But that it isn't possible? No, never ever. Where there's a will there's a way. < don’t know if it’s correctly english. So, yeah. I'm brainstorming how I can challenge myself in a great way.
How I can make my passion my work. One ingredient to make it possible, just start, even when you think you’re going to fail ' cause starting is never a fail.

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  1. Ik herken dit zoooo erg. Het liefst zou ik gewoon zelf een bedrijfje beginnen, maar ja school. En als ik binnen word gelaten op mijn droomstudie leer ik daar de dingen die ik in een bedrijfje zou gaan gebruiken. Maar inderdaad, als je wilt is er een weg!

  2. Wat heb je alles mooi verwoord zeg. Ik zou gewoon genieten van alle mooie dingen die je kunt doen met je creatieve ideeën en er zoveel tijd in steken als je zelf wilt. Als dat een bedrijfje is: zeker doen! (Ik ben stiekem best benieuwd naar je idee.) Ik zou zeker iets gaan doen met alle ambities die je hebt. Je hebt namelijk echt talent als ik alle mooie dingen die je creëert zie voorbijkomen. Bijvoorbeeld die foto hierboven, die is echt prachtig. Alles is zo heerlijk dromerig, daar hou ik echt van. Liefs

  3. To quote my own quote (whoa): "Never a failure, always a work in progress." If you fail once, you will take a step foreward. And another one. Though one walks little, one can walk far (another quote, I am on a roll today). Failure is natural, totally okay and fucking scary. There are so many things you can do and it is extremely overwhelming most of the time. I read that it takes 10 years doing something to be an expert at it, so choose wisely I guess. I choose storytelling in any form (film, photography and my favorite: words). But I get it. I do.
    Good luck Karlijn. You can do it :)
    x I

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  4. Beautiful picture and I really like your blog! :)